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Japanese Sweets Zenzai

You will not understand the intriguing marriage of sweet "Zenzai" and salty Japanese pickles until y...

  • Fukuoka : Hakata
  • Reporter : Laurie | National origin : English

Kobe Sweets

If you have a sweet tooth visit a sweets shops. Look at the contented face of Rachel from Australia ...

  • Hyogo : Kobe
  • Reporter : Rachel | National origin : Australian

Sweet Workshop -Making Beautiful Traditional Japanese Sweets-

Do you know 'Rakugan' a Japanese sweet? Rakugan is a high graded item as it was often used for offer...

  • Ishikawa : Kanazawa
  • Reporter : Barbara | National origin : Swiss

Taking It Easy at the Kotori Cafe in Tokyo’s Kichijoji Neighborhood

Located on a quiet street close to Inokashira Zoo in Tokyo’s Kichijoji neighborhood, the Kotori Ca...

  • Tokyo : Kichijoji
  • Reporter : Patrick | National origin : American

Street Food in Dotonbori

Do you know the meaning of the word "KUIDAORE"? For people in Osaka it means spending all one's mone...

  • Osaka : Osaka
  • Reporter : William | National origin : American

Amemura Street Food

Amemura is the play spot for young people in Osaka. One comes at a loss when trying to choose what t...

  • Osaka : Osaka
  • Reporter : Ryan | National origin : English
Kobe City

Kobe City

Modern and stylish! Old but new city with limitless attractions.

  • Hyogo : Kobe
Fukuura Island

Fukuura Island

A prefectural natural park that provides a great view of Matsusima Islands.

  • Miyagi : Matsushima
Sankeien Garden

Sankeien Garden

An elegant, pure Japanese-style garden with historic architectures.

  • Kanagawa : Sankeien garden


A stylish town for grownups where just strolling around makes you happy.

  • Tokyo : Other

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