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Karakuri Memorial Museum-Meet with Prototype of Robots in Kanazawa-

Checking out the robot prototype today? Karakuri memorial museum is where you can see the mechanical...

  • Ishikawa : Kanazawa
  • Reporter : Sarah | National origin : French

Kappabashi Kitchen Museum

"Kappabashi" in Asakusa is the best utensils shop in Japan where you can acquire extravagant Japanes...

  • Tokyo : Kappa bashi
  • Reporter : Friederike | National origin : German
Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

A museum where you can encounter the origin of Toyota. It’s a microcosm of Japanese “Monotsukuri...

  • Aichi : Nagoya

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NADESHIKO HOTEL SHIBUYA, designed for women travelers visiting Japan in the heart of Shibuya.

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Here, the chance of meeting a wild dolphin herd is 98%, any time of the year.

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