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Kazue Machi -Drinking Sake in the Noltalgic Town-

Kazue-machi is a nostalgic town where you can see the traditional Japanese houses and river. The tow...

  • Ishikawa : Kanazawa
  • Reporter : Chris | National origin : French

Owl Cafe -Drink with the Owls-

Have you ever touched owls? "Forest of Owls" is the place where you can enjoy alcohol with an owl pe...

  • Tokyo : Akihabara
  • Reporter : Yamine | National origin : English

Izakaya in Sapporo

Izakaya can be found everywhere in Japan. This is where you will enjoy true local gastronomy. Variou...

  • Hokkaido : Sapporo
  • Reporter : Lara | National origin : English

Geisha Event -Meet with a Kanazawa Geisha-

Do you think you can see Geishas if you come to Japan? To be honest, it is rare to meet them for Jap...

  • Ishikawa : Kanazawa
  • Reporter : Chris | National origin : French


Ask Patrick from the US how to spend a great time if you are a music lover. Koenji is a quarter rema...

  • Tokyo : Nakano
  • Reporter : Patrick | National origin : American

Golden Gai

Michael, form Germany, who commutes to an "Iaido" dojo to practice the old Japanese martial art of s...

  • Tokyo : Shinjuku
  • Reporter : Michael | National origin : German


Local colorful "Kashikatsu" shops are the places where people go to back from a hard day's work in O...

  • Osaka : Osaka
  • Reporter : William | National origin : American

Street Food in Dotonbori

Do you know the meaning of the word "KUIDAORE"? For people in Osaka it means spending all one's mone...

  • Osaka : Osaka
  • Reporter : William | National origin : American

Tea Ceremony Workshop

If you like Matcha, instead of drinking it at a shop does take part in a tea ceremony workshop. Don'...

  • Nara : Other
  • Reporter : Sam | National origin : English

Hottarakashi Onsen

If you truly want to enjoy an onsen, Hottarakashi Onsen in Yamanashi Prefecture is highly recommende...

  • Yamanashi : Other
  • Reporter : James | National origin : American

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