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Aokiya Aokiya


  • Ryokan / Sado, Niigata

Every guest room offers a gorgeous view of Komo...

Business Hotel Yamatoya Business Hotel Yamatoya

Business Hotel Yamatoya

  • Ryokan / Other, Fukuoka

Just a minute walk from JR Shiniizuka Station, ...

Gora-Kansuiro Gora-Kansuiro


  • Ryokan / Hakone, Kanagawa
  • English: Phone conversation

Located only a 3-minute walk from Gora station,...

Hostel Antamina Hostel Antamina

Hostel Antamina

  • Ryokan / Other, Okayama
  • English: Face-to-face conversation

Hostel Antamina used to be a 100 year old Japan...

Hotel Canterbury Hotel Canterbury

Hotel Canterbury

  • Ryokan / Atami and Izu, Shizuoka
  • English: Phone conversation

You can privately enjoy natural onsen coming di...

Hotel Happo Hotel Happo

Hotel Happo

  • Ryokan / Other, Ishikawa
  • English: Face-to-face conversation

Hotel Happo offers local specialty cuisines suc...

Hotel Oumiya Hotel Oumiya

Hotel Oumiya

  • Ryokan / Other, Iwate
  • English: Face-to-face conversation

Located a 8-minute taxi ride from JR Miyako Sta...

Ito Ryokan Ito Ryokan

Ito Ryokan

  • Ryokan / Other, Kanagawa

Located convenience place and a 9-minute walk f...

Jukaitei Jukaitei


  • Ryokan / Other, Kyoto
  • English: Reading and writing

Located on top of a low hill of Taiza, which is...

Jyusouya Jyusouya


  • Ryokan / Other, Nara
  • English: Face-to-face conversation

We are sure the guests can experience Japanese ...

Kamikochi Myojinkan Kamikochi Myojinkan

Kamikochi Myojinkan

  • Ryokan / Other, Nagano
  • English: Phone conversation

Located 1,500 meters above sea level on the upp...

Kanazawaya Ryokan Kanazawaya Ryokan

Kanazawaya Ryokan

  • Ryokan / Sado, Niigata

Kanazawaya Ryokan sources the finest local seaf...

Kimuraya Ryokan Kimuraya Ryokan

Kimuraya Ryokan

  • Ryokan / Kamakura, Kanagawa

Conveniently located to go to Shonan area, such...

Kisoya Kisoya


  • Ryokan / Gero, Gifu

Gero Onsen, said to be one of the best three ho...

Maruyaso Maruyaso


  • Ryokan / Mt Fuji(Yamanashi), Yamanashi

Maruyaso features a natural hot spring that is ...

Miharaso Miharaso


  • Ryokan / Other, Hyogo

Miharaso features fresh seafood and beef (local...

Minshuku Asahiyama (Drive In) Minshuku Asahiyama (Drive In)

Minshuku Asahiyama (Drive In)

  • Ryokan / Matsushima, Miyagi

Minshuku Asahiyama (Drive In) is offering a rea...

Minshuku Edo Minshuku Edo

Minshuku Edo

  • Ryokan / Other, Hiroshima

There is a local restaurant on the first floor....

Minsyukuryokan JUSUKE Minsyukuryokan JUSUKE

Minsyukuryokan JUSUKE

  • Ryokan / Enoshima, Kanagawa

This hotel is providing the room and large publ...

Nihonyanagi Ryokan Nihonyanagi Ryokan

Nihonyanagi Ryokan

  • Ryokan / Hakodate, Hokkaido

Nihonyanagi Ryokan is a long-established Japane...


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