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Tap water in Japan

It is quite clean and safe; it is drinkable.

Tap water

Tap water

You can also easily buy some PET bottled water at local vending machines or convenience stores. It costs about 100 yen-160 yen for 500ml.

  • Vending machine
  • Vending machine

Vending machine



The voltage used throughout Japan is uniformly 100 volts, A.C. A step-up transformer is required to convert the voltage if your hair dryer, travel iron, etc. are not a convertible type.

Electrical plugs

2-flat-pin plugs (Type A) is used. You will need a plug adapter if you are using a different type of plug in your country.

Type A

Type A

plug adapter

plug adapter

Frequency of electric current

There are two kinds of frequencies in use; 50 Hertz in eastern Japan and 60 Hertz in western Japan (including Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka).


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