Time difference/National Holidays

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Time difference between Japan and countries around the world

Note: Japan has no Summer Time /Daylight Saving Time

Time of each country when Japan Time=12:00PM -
Time Difference between Japan and each country (hours) -

National Holidays

Japan has 16 "National Holidays" in a year set by law.

Mountain Day on August 11 has been added as its new public holiday starting in 2016.

Name Date
New Year's Day January 1
Coming-of-Age Day 2nd Monday in January
National Foundation Day February 11
Vernal Equinox Day March 21 (or 20)
Day of Showa April 29
Constitution Memorial Day May 3
Greenery Day May 4
Children's Day May 5
Maritime Day 3rd Monday in July
Mountain Day August 11
Respect-for-the-Aged Day 3rd Monday in September
Autumnal Equinox Day September 23 (or 22)
Health-Sports Day 2nd Monday in October
Culture Day November 3
Labor Thanksgiving Day November 23
The Emperor's Birthday December 23

(1)When a national holiday falls on Sunday, the following Monday becomes a holiday.

(2) When a day (except for Sundays and the above) is sandwiched between national holidays, it also becomes a holiday.

Tourist spots and downtowns are busy with visitors on Saturdays and Sundays as most companies and schools are off during the weekend.


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