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Japanese manners and customs

Here are our selected Japanese manners you need to know before coming to Japan to make your stay as cozy as possible.


Gestures are different all over the world. Before you visit Japan, you can learn some Japanese gestures with Sam and Jina. Else you may misunderstand some if you don't know them.



You must know that Japanese people bow.But did you know there are many kind of bows? Learn how to bow in this video!


Buying cigarettes and smoking manners

For visitors from overseas, cigarettes can be bought in tobacco stores, convenience stores by person to person selling.

You can’t buy cigarettes from vending machines as it requires “Taspo”card.

“Taspo” is a smart card developed by the Tobacco Institute of Japan, the nationwide association of tobacco retailers, and the Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association. Introduced in 2008, the card is necessary to purchase cigarettes from vending machines.

For some areas, you are kindly asked not to smoke when you are walking on the streets.

Public facilities are strictly non-smoking but some areas, such as near Shibuya station, have separated smoking space as below.

  • Public smoking space
  • Public smoking space

Public smoking space


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