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Useful Japanese Phrases

English Japanese Phrases
Thank you. Arigato.
You are welcome. Doitashimashite.
Goodbye. Sayounara.
See you (later). Matane.
Good morning. Ohayo.
Hello. Konnichiwa.
Good night. Oyasuminasai.
I'm sorry. Gomennasai.
I’ll have…. [dish] o kudasai.
This is good/delicious. Oishii.
That was really delicious. Gochisousama.
The bill please. Okanjo o onegaishimasu.
Is it free of charge? Muryou desuka?
How much is this? Oikura desu ka?
Do you have this (these) in size・・・? ・・・saizu wa arimasuka?
Could I try this (these) on? Shichaku dekimasuka?
Excuse me, Sumimasen,
Where is a restroom? Toire wa doko desuka?


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