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Cozy Japan is the comprehensive tourist information website exclusively designed for overseas tourists visiting Japan. Cozy Japan features information on Attractions [Exploring] and Restaurants [Dining] in Japan.
Our mission is to make the experiences in Japan by overseas tourists as cozy as possible by providing useful and inspiring information about Japan.

What makes Cozy Japan so special?


Introducing lively video reports about hidden sightseeing spots in Japan!

We have a lot of local reporters who have been already living in Japan.
They are happy to unlock the secret attractions in Japan.
Watch them now and get inspired!


Japan’s most popular sightseeing spots are fully covered.

Do you want to go to Mt. Fuji, Sumo events, world heritage-listed area and more?
You can also find these essential information about major attractions.


Offering a wide variety of restaurant information near you!

Do you feel like eating sushi , ramen or rather a steak today?
You can find the right restaurant for you from the list of more than 2,000 restaurants.
The great thing is you can easily find restaurants near your accommodation.
You can also find if English menus are available.

Japan Info

Introducing useful information about Japan.

Transportation, weather, what to do in emergency…
We listed good-to-know information for your cozy stay in Japan.


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